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Worcester County Model A Club

Worcester County Model A Club

Started in 1991 the club is for enthusiasts of the Model A Ford both young and old whether you own one now or did back in the day and just want to tell the stories of wrenching on the road, the Roadster that got away, or the Tudor behind your uncles barn when you were a kid.

The Ford Model A

The Model A Ford went into production on October 20th 1927, the A was set to replace the venerable Model T that had a hugely successful 18 year production run.  The first car was sold on December 2nd 1927, in March 1932 the A’s production run ended after 4,858,644 cars had been built.  
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A of the Day
This day in Automotive History January 11 1913 The world's first closed production car was introduced: Hudson Motor Car Company's Model 54 sedan. Earlier automobiles had open cabs, or at most convertible roofs.
If money is your hope for independence  you will never have it. The only real  security that a man will have in this  world is a reserve of knowledge,  experience, and ability.
1913 Hudson Model 54